Seven (7) Bir Sreshtho of Bangladesh liberation War.The Seven most valiant hero's of Bangladesh.

Seven (7) Bir Sreshtho of Bangladesh liberation War. Those who are awarded this supreme they are considered their maytyrs.

The Bir Sreshtho title is the supreme military award of Bangladesh. Seven person had been awarded for their utmost bravery and died in action for their nation. They are considered martyrs.

Seven (7) Bir Sreshtho of Bangladesh liberation War.The Seven most valiant hero's of Bangladesh.

Bir Sreshtho is the Supreme gallantry award which are provided from on behalf of the military award which is dedicated for their supreme dedication for the nation. Liberation war is the challenge to control of power for the country men those who are live in this place with there basic demands from the country. If they are deprived from there legal demand from the government after then turn on to liberation war. In 1973 Bangladesh announced 7 freedom fighter as " BIR SRESHTHO" for their supreme sacrifice in liberation war. 

Why are they selected for this award:

The award provide only for their bravery dedication of life to save the mother land. To those who have performed acts of greatest heroism or most conspicuous courage in circumstances of supreme danger and have shown bravery of the highest order or devotion to the country, in the current situation of the enemy on land, at sea or in the air to save the mother land.

The" BIR SRESHTHO" is similar to The American Medal of Honor

Who are the freedom fighter?

Freedom fighter is the person who are fight for safe there country and country men.

Who are the hold this Bir Sreshtho position?

Those who are sacrifice their life for independence of the country and the country provide a award of  honor to them for their valiant bravery and sacrifice their life. This award provide one time from a country only after death. 

How many person getting this award for country of Bangladesh?

7 person who are sacrifice their life for the country with utmost bravery and lead a supreme duty as great leadership.

So now we are introducing with our great leader of our country. Following 7 person in detail:

Seven (7) Bir Sreshtho of Bangladesh liberation War.The Seven most valiant hero's of Bangladesh.

1. Bir Sreshtho Motiur Rahman:

Motiur Rahman was a air pilot. Before from liberation war Motiur Rahman working West Pakistan as Flight Lieutenant in Air forces of Pakistan. He took birth on 21st February 1945 at Dhaka. He joined the Pakistan Air Force in August 1961 and he got commissioned in the GD(P) branch on 23rd June 1963. Embraced martyrdom on 20th August 1971 in an attempt to join the Liberation War with a T-33 Aircraft from Karachi Air Base which ultimately crashed. His untold confidence to carry his love and passion for the country of Bangladesh. We fell proud to know his of our country.

2. Bir Sreshtho Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir:

Bir Sreshtho Mohiuddin Jahangir also took part of his name in Seven Bir Sreshtho due to his supreme sacrifice on liberation War. He took birth in 1948 in the village on Rahim Ganj under Babugonj upazilla of Barisal District. He commissioned in the corps of Engineers on June 1968 from Pakistan Military Academy. He also embraced martyrdom while breaking through enemy defense on the bank of river Mahananda. He awarded for his bold confidence and great leadership helped wipe out the last vesting's of enemy resistance and the Position finally fell to our forces. We are proud to know his unbelievable responsibility and love of the country.

3. Bir Sreshtho Sepahi Mohammad Hamidur Rahman:

Bir Sreshtho is a person who also take part his name on our supreme honor of Bangladesh. He took birth on 2nd February 1953 in Khardo Khalispur village under Jessore district. He joined the Army on 2nd February 1971 and enrolled in the corps of Infantry. Embraced martyrdom on 28 October 1971 at Dhalai in an attempt to capture the enemy position which finally fell to our advancing column. He is also our power and inspiration to become a great person and help to do maximum sacrifice for our countryhood.

4. Bir Sreshtho Lance Naik Munshi Abdur Rouf: Munshi Abdur Rouf is also a great person who he sacrifice his life for country hood. He is also took part of Bangladeshi History by considering his martyr. Bangladesh till alive for their utmost sacrifice. He took birth May 1943 at village of Boalmari Upazila under Faridpur District. He working in the East Bengal Regiment on 8th May 1963. He was joint with a regular infantry unit during War of liberation. He embraced martyrdoms on 8th April 1971 at Burighat in Chittagong hill Tracts after causing extensive damage to enemy's men and elements with their MG and forching them to retreat. Country is our power which is its carry ourselves, its belongs to all rights and provide as our regular demand also its our identity. So we have to a responsibility to take care itself if need any time to play valiant responsibility of enteral and external  political and diplomatic crisis.

5. Bir Sreshtho Ruhul Amin:

Bir Sreshtho Ruhul Amin took birth at Bagpachra in the district of Noakhali in 1931. When he completing his secondary education from Sunaimuri High School in 1949. He joined Pakistan navy in 1951 during the liberation Movement in 1971. He was serving as a engineer officer in the appoinment of ERA-1 in PNS cumilla Gunboat under Chittagong Naval base. On 25th March 1971. He left the east Pakistan navy and joined the Liberation War. After then he joined bangladesh naval ship Polash. Few days ago the country was liberated his ship came under air strike on 10th December 1971 near about Khulna shipyard. He fought bravely to save his ship but was wounded severely and after on the embraced martyrdom. That's why he achieved highest gallantry award "Bir Sreshtho" for his dedication to the nation. So the whole nation remember him for his supreme sacrifice from our interior soul.

6. Lance Naik Nur Mohammad sheikh:

 Bir Sreshtho Nur Mohammad is a person who also supreme dedication for the country and country men. He was born on 26th February in Moheshkhali village under Jessore district. He enlisted in the East Pakistan Refiles on 14th March 1959. He embraced martyrdom while engaging the enemy with fire for covering the extrication of fellow soldiers at Goalhati in Jessore district in 5th Septembers1971. Nur Mohammad died on front line fighting along but he saved his all fellows those who are fighting with him. He try to fight till last breath with enemy and he had infected heavy casualties on the enemy. We can't never forget his contribution after become independent nation. We should deeply respect to all freedom fighter.

7. Bir Sreshtho Sipahi Mostofa Kamal: 

Bir Sreshtho Sepahi Mostofa Kamal is one of the breviary soldier who embraced martyrdom for their country. He was born 16th December 1947 in Hajipur village of Daulatkhan Upazilla Under Bhola District. He was proud son retired soldier Habibur Rahman, Sepahi Mostofa Kamal has died on 18th April 1971 in a defensive battle against the enemy in daruin village of comilla. He inflicted bravely casualties with the enemy until death. Sipahi Mostofa Kamal is great warier.