HSC Suggestion 2020 with REAL Question (A+ Target) With HSC Routine Download

HSC Suggestion 2020 with REAL Question (A+ Target) With HSC Routine

Finally, we have published 2020 HSC suggestions including question papers that are 100% general for all boards and subjects. The HSC or Higher Secondary Certificate Exam 2020 is knocking on the door. If you need HSC advice and question papers, follow this site as we are going to provide questions and advice for all topics. It has been announced that HSC 2020 will start on April 02, 2020, and end on April 18. So I think it is time for your final preparation. Many of you may think that there is still plenty of time to make final preparations. Many of you may think that you can easily get the answer of HSC board question paper hacking and you can get a good result for HSC 2020 but it is not a suitable or reliable way to get good marks or A + in all subjects. If you look at the results of the previous 5 years, you will see that last year's results were the most tragic. So, if you want to get really good results in all subjects under the HSC board, you need to understand how to prepare for the exam from now on.

If you’re wondering where to find tips or question papers for HSC 2020, don’t worry. Here we will provide advice, routine, model questions, model exams, previous year's question papers, question patterns, mark distribution, syllabus, NCTB notebook, HSC question out, final advice preparation on all subjects related to HSC.

HSC 2020 All Subject Suggestion

Suggestions for HSC exams are always important because suggestions serve as guidelines for getting good marks in exams. Sometimes it can be very difficult and precise, sometimes it is impossible to study all the books before the final board exam. Suggestions come along effectively
So here is the advice to get good marks in all subjects in HSC 2020 exam.
Here you will find advice for each department, including the Faculty of Science, Business and Arts. Download the tips by clicking on the link below.

HSC Exam 2020 Question Pattern

It is very important for HSC exam students to know the question pattern till 2020. If you do not know how to write the answers to the questions correctly, you will not get good marks in important exams like HSC. We know, HSC is the most important board exam for Bangladesh students. Because it will decide your future, university, and job. So it is very important for the students of HSC 2020 to have a good knowledge about the question system of all subjects.
To do this, I request you to go to the Board of Education website and download the authentic question paper.

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HSC 2020 all Subject Syllabus

The syllabus of HSC examination in Bangladesh changes every year. Sometimes it becomes really frustrating for the examinees because they feel that they are ‘guinea pigs’ for the exam because of the constantly changing syllabus. So students often find themselves in a messy situation where they can’t figure out what to expect in the final question paper, but no worries. We are here to help you. We know that HSC exams are divided into Creative Writing and MCQ (multiple choice questions) sections.
The writing will have 70 numbers (7 questions, 10 for each) and 30 (30 questions, 1 for each) for the MCQ part. Thus, HSC 2020 candidates should keep a sharp eye on the syllabus. You can easily download the PDF file of HSC 2020 syllabus from here.

Download the questions and solve them

00. Hsc Routine 2020

01. Hsc Bangla 2nd Paper Suggestions 2020

02. Hsc Bangla 1st Paper Suggestions 2020

03. Hsc English 1st Paper Suggestions 2020

04. Hsc English 2nd Paper Suggestions 2020

05. Hsc ICT Suggestions 2020 and Question

06. Hsc Agricultural Studies 1st Paper Suggestions 2020

07. Hsc Agricultural Studies 2nd Paper Suggestions 2020

08. Hsc Statistics 1st Paper Suggestions 2020

09. Hsc Statistics 2nd Paper Suggestions 2020

Science Group

10. Hsc Mathematics 1st Paper Suggestions 2020

11. Hsc Mathematics 2nd Paper Suggestions 2020

12. Hsc Physics 1st Paper Suggestion

13. Hsc Physics 2nd Paper Suggestion

14. Hsc Chemistry 1st Paper Suggestion

15. Hsc Chemistry 2nd Paper Suggestion

16. Hsc Biology 1st Paper (Botany) Suggestion

17. Hsc Biology 2nd Paper (Zoology) Suggestion

Business Group (Commerce)

18. Hsc Accounting 1st Paper Suggestion

19. Hsc Accounting 2nd Paper Suggestion

20. Hsc Business Organization & Management Suggestion 1st Paper

21. Hsc Business Organization & Management Suggestion 2nd Paper

22. Hsc Finance, Banking and Bima 1st Paper Suggestion

23. Hsc Finance, Banking and Bima 2nd Paper Suggestion

24. Hsc Production Management & Marketing 1st Paper Suggestion

25. Hsc Production Management & Marketing 2nd Paper Suggestion

Humanities Group (Arts)

26. Hsc Civics and Good Governance 1st Paper Suggestion

27. Hsc Civics and Good Governance 2nd Paper Suggestion

28. Hsc Economics 1st Paper Suggestion

29. Hsc Economics 2nd Paper Suggestion

30. Hsc Geography 1st Paper Suggestion

31. Hsc Geography 2nd Paper Suggestion

32. Hsc Islamic History 1st Paper Suggestion

33. Hsc Islamic History 2nd Paper Suggestion

34. Hsc Social Work 1st Paper Suggestion

35. Hsc Social Work 2nd Paper Suggestion

36. Hsc Logic 1st Paper Suggestion

37. Hsc Logic 2nd Paper Suggestion

38. Hsc Psychology 1st Paper Suggestion

39. Hsc Psychology 2nd Paper Suggestion

40. Hsc History 1st Paper Suggestion

41. Hsc History 2nd Paper Suggestion

42. Hsc Social Science 1st Paper Suggestion

43. Hsc Social Science 2nd Paper Suggestion

44. Hsc Result

HSC 2020 Exam Marks Distribution 

Mark distribution is another important issue for HSC students. Especially for those who want to get Golden GPA. Marks distribution knowledge gives students a clear idea of ​​how symbols are being distributed across questions. So once again go to the website of the Board of Education and download the original number distribution paper of HSC Exam 2020 And stay connected with our website to download the model questions with answers.

HSC Exam 2020 all Subject Questions for all Boards

Questions vary from board to board. Thus, students under different boards need different types of questions. So, now we are going to give you separate questions for each board including Dhaka Board, Barisal Board, Rajshahi Board, Chittagong Board, Dinajpur Board, Sylhet Board, Jessore Board, Technical Board and Madrasa Board.

HSC Suggestion for Chittagong Board

If you are a student under Chittagong Board, download PDF of this model question. And also correct previous year’s questions to get better marks.

HSC Suggestion for Dhaka Board

Dhaka Board is the oldest and largest board in Bangladesh. So, JSC students of Dhaka Board need to study more just to get good results. I, myself was a candidate under the Dhaka Board and I clearly remember the competition and struggle I had to go through to get GPA 5 in HSC. This year, competition will definitely be tougher. So, here are some effective model questions for Dhaka Board. Download the questions and solve them because these questions are set by experienced teachers from all over Dhaka Board of Education. This will help you to be 100% normal and you will do well in the test. Also solve previous year's questions.

HSC Suggestion for Rajshahi Board
Rajshahi Board of Education is the second largest board in Bangladesh. However, students under this board will also have to compete with a lot of exams as well as download these model exam question papers as a PDF and also solve the previous year’s questions.

HSC Suggestion for Comilla Board

Download this model test questionnaire and questionnaires from previous years to get better results. And also correct previous year's questions.

HSC Suggestion for Jessore Board

Especially the students of Jessore Board have enough reputation to carry good marks in HSC. So, if you want to maintain this reputation, solve the model questionnaires given below and collect the questions of the past years.

HSC Suggestion for Dinajpur Board

Although the Dinajpur Board is a new board among other education boards in Bangladesh, the students are showing significantly better results. So if you have taken HSC 2020 exam under Dinajpur Board, there are a few model question papers. Download the PDF file here. Download questions from past years.

HSC Suggestion for Technical Board

Just like Madrasa board, Technical board is also different. Download these model questions for Technical board and solve previous years’ questions.

HSC Suggestion for Madrasah Board

Madrasah Board is a bit different from other boards. So is different their questions. Download questions here and solve previous year’s questions.